Is it the Phoenix?

Am I finally going to get round to writing a post? Maybe Just a quick update. Friday the 19th November 2021 I still have nothing to say. Kthanksbye Jan 2022 […]

Google Loses Gmail Trademark Case in Germany

Google Inc. can’t use the Gmail name in Germany because doing so would infringe on someone else’s trademark, a German court has ruled Google regrets the decision by the Hanseatic […]

Mod_Rewrite Tutorial

The .htaccess file has many uses but one of the most popular is turning dynamic URLs into static URLs. In other words, URLs that typically have several parameters can be […]

Rand Fishkin Interview with a BlackHat SEO

Edit: This was also published on PRweb and was also posted to Moz, but they did a bait and switch by replacing the content with an interview about Aaron wall. […]