Syndk8 is a privately funded Black Hat SEO company with offices in Southern Spain and Switzerland.

Since early 2005 Syndk8 with the rapidly growing community and the development of cutting edge black Hat SEO marketing tools has led the market and made talking about Black hat SEO socially acceptable on the open internet.

Previous to 2005 there was a culture in the SEO forums of flaming and ignoring people who were interested in subjects like cloaking, automated link building, content scraping and anything considered to be Black Hat SEO.

Earl Grey was a well respected member and proficient SEO whom had recently shown an interest in the darker arts of SEO and decided to ask some questions on the SEO forums he frequented.

When Earl Grey created the Black Hat Seo forum there was no other information on the web and he has been credited with the pleasure of creating what has now become a booming market.

The idea came from an expired domain i had bought by accident and i was looking for uses for it.

I threw up a forum called the SEO Mobsters Black Hat Forums and linked to it from my signature in a few forum.

Within one week there were over 100 members and a growing community of people which had been shunned from other forums for asking questions about Black Hat Seo techniques.

One of the members recently described it as a refreshing change.

The site has grown very quickly from day one to become the authority Black Hat SEO which sets the standards and pushed the boundary’s.

The Syndk8 Black Hat SEO company has consulted for many big brands ranging from online casino to pet food manufacturers on various black hat seo techniques.