Cookie Stuffing may get Saucekit creator Christopher Kennedy 5 years in jail

News is coming in thick and fast that cookie stuffer Christopher Kennedy may face a $250`000 and or 5 years in jail for defrauding ebay by selling his cookie stuffing kit called saucekit.

When Christopher was arrested the FBI allegedly seized his customer list and are making enquirys.

If reports are true and ebay have access to the customer list they can go back through all their accounts and recover any payments they believe were made through cookie stuffing.
Lot`s of people are very worried now because they know they were fraudulently making over $10`000 a month from ebay and amazon with cookie stuffing and faked referrers.

Blackhatworld is part of the problem with Christopher and his cookie stuffing antics because they encouraged him to post his fraudulent methods in public and supported him.
A big cleanup after the effect is happening now on Blackhatworld because they are worried about the effects of several members getting arrested on a property they manage.

Many years ago we encouraged a sitewide banning on any cookie stuffing of fraud talk but as most banned Syndk8 members end up regiseting at Blackhatworld it became a haven for all the subject we will not allow.