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Earl Grey`s Famous SEO, SEM, PPC and Inbound Marketing Consultancy. has been online in some form since 2005 and has been a strange part of the internet with a complex mix of personalitys in the community section

This site is currently under an intensive rebuild of which you will read more futher down the page

I am coding the page by hand in html5 using Sublime Text 2 which is much fun.

chances are i will end up using bootstrap but I feel i need to learn html5 in and out before i use some pre-built scripts

There is no logo on this page yet because I havent got that far in the tutorials

And although the logo was fantastic at the time it is a bit fancy. So I may try and make a new simpler one.

This is the tutorial I am following Html5 Tutorial

This page is the index.html page which has been uploaded over a wordpress installation.

I am going right back to basics and making an Index page which is an Index of all the site

The rest of the site is still all here and all fully functioning apart from the odd bug or two from when I moved it.

The Syndk8 Forum has a very eclectic mix of people making money online from across the globe. The forum is based on the simple machines forum platform. The reason for simple machines is becuase it had a one click installer in Cpanel when I needed to build a forum.
There are some nuggets of content on the blog but recently it has been a bit neglected and will be for a while until the site comes together more. The blog is on wordpress. We did have a custom installation for a while but it needed to much work on it to make it good that we decided wordpress was a better option.
This was supposed to be industry news posted every day but I wasnt in a good place for a while so consistency wasnt exactly one of my core skills. this is a folder in wordpress and is supposed to be industy news pasted every day but black hat seo got so boring i couldnt find the content.

The site will take shape as soon as I get to that part of the tutorial. There is currently no css because that seems to be another chapter , lulz

Fyi. while i am building this page and the rest of the site i am trying to optimize it to be as fast as possible.There have been times in the past few years when i lived in houses with slow connections and i couldnt even see my own site because it loaded so slowly so i am obsessed with speed now

One thing i recently found is that if you add this AddDefaultCharset utf-8 into your .htaccess file the site loads a bit quicker

That is of course if your content is utf-8

i am just talking to myself while i do this. as i am prerendering pages its showing that there is a bad js script on the blog so i guess the preload and prerendering is working