“Black Hat SEO`s take an altogether different approach to building and marketing web sites. A Black Hat will be more focused on volume rather than presentation with the sole aim of making more money from his/her advert loaded sites at any cost.”

Leading the way on pioneering many black hat techniques and providing a safe haven from ‘flaming’ and ‘non acceptance’ on the white hat forums full of $2 a day getting nowhere want to be millionaires.

We started the journey as the first ever English speaking site openly talking about Black Hat SEO and created a market of excellence but we continued to pioneer by creating the best link building tools available.

Syndk8 is one of the many brands owned and operated by the famous internet marketer Earl Grey and has launched or enhanced the career of many successful and budding internet marketers by teaching them techniques and strategy which propelled them to great success.

Syndk8.com is undergoing a transformation at the moment and we shall be creating many more internet success stories through the coaching and support we give while people are building their Black Hat SEO empire.