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OpenBH Kicks Your Income Into Overdrive for Free

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Are you tired of updating all those “made for adsense” or “micro niche” sites of yours? Are you looking to build out another 100 domains to churn in some quick cash? Wasting hours or even weeks on all the content that you only build for the search engines anyway?

Maybe you are still trying to make your first money online.

What would you say if I would tell you that there is a software that automatically builds you fast, stylish and user-friendly websites on any topic that you like which are also self-updating and optimized for search engines?

No way? For free? YES WAY!

Let me reintroduce you to OpenBH. Syndk8’s opensource, fully automatic website generator. Autoblogging? Blogfarm? Website generator? Content builder? Affiliate datafeed site builder? Link Network Builder? Local Lead Generator? Sitebuilder for CPA Offers? Domain Parking Tool? Domain Monetization Tool? Doorway Pages Generator? You name it – OpenBH builds it!

It really is that flexible!


Autoblogs and automated website generators, simply put, are like any other website – but instead of you spending your valuable time on building content and editing images – its fully automatic.


Create your first money making sites in less than 11 minutes

1. Find a niche, product or market you like.
2. Find a good amount of related keywords
3. Get a domain and a hosting
4. Put some ads into OpenBH and the keywords you just researched
5. Upload the files to your hosting and bam – website ready.
6. Now you get some publicity for your websites (get a couple backlinks, bit of pinging) and repeat from step 1.



On a side note: automated websites are not only good for traffic and ad revenue, they are also a good way to build up a decent link network or link wheels. OpenBH works perfect with any type of advertising – be it affiliate marketing, lead generation, pay per click ads etc.

OpenBH comes with a multitude of built-in features so let me just name a couple here at this point. I will elaborate on individual techniques and ways to build up sites and income in the posts about to be published.

  • Generate websites fully automated using keyword lists
  • Footprint free (yes this is important), you can configure everything how you like it
  • Use affiliate datafeeds to directly deploy affiliate storefronts with additional automated content
  • Creates RSS feeds, XML Sitemaps etc. on the fly
  • Configure the content output and hooks easily to meet your needs
  • Almost zero technical knowledge required (little bit of html knowledge wont hurt you in this business)

OpenBH is a fully featured out of the box web site generator to help people make money online for free with an integrated content scraping system, including a hook system with the ability to import data feeds and place ads on the pages. OpenBH is not the first of its kind but probably the newest, most flexible and of course advanced  – other site generators from the past are RSSGM, Mygen and YACG.

So, what are you waiting for? Download OpenBH already and get your money making website online in no time!

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If the link above dosent work for you and still shows you as logged out you use the alternative link to download OpenBH

There is a new board targeted at OpenBH usage, best practice and development also which can be found in the Syndk8 Forum – Enjoy!



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