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Who is Earl Grey?
Earl Grey is a British Website Manager/SEO/Legend originally from the UK;
A world traveler, a free roaming digital nomad, but unfortunately back in the freezing cold miserable UK.
Often called a genius, pioneer, hacker and an internet messiah by many people typically of ill repute.

Aka, Mick Sawyer, Ben Dover, Mike Fox-Hunt and many other monikers

Is Earl Grey good for you?
Depends if you are friend or foe. Being a friend to me can be very good for you.
Being a foe normally ends badly for people.

Does Earl Grey make you sleepy?
I can go on and on about many things boat related, car related and gangster related, so yes. I often make people yawn.

What does Earl Grey taste like?
You will have to ask the Mrs about that one.

I do a bit of seo stuff. Little bit of cyber security stuff, little bit of denting peoples overblown egos online and a little bit of other stuff.

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